I've been making jewelry for over 10 years.  I make every thing by hand so every piece of jewelry is unique and slightly different.  My  jewelry is composed of fine silver, copper, semi-precious stones. Through a photo etching process I create the 2 colored metal.  Then I create the pieces of jewelry with this metal. The findings will sometimes be sterling silver for added strength. 
    When Dichroic glass became popular I decided I would learn about fused glass for my jewelry.  I got hooked on the look and feel of fused glass.  Now I enjoy making jewelry incorporating fused glass with the 2 colored metal I've created or just glass.  I also enjoy creating fused glass plaques in various designs. 
    I will make pieces on commission with your input on the design.  I've made jewelry and fused glass pieces for anniversaries, birthdays, memorials, baby showers and a fundraiser.
Robin Carvajal